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❀ Welcome!

My name is Brittany!

❀ Subject


❀ Mediums

  1. Oil Paint,

  2. Graphite (Pen❀ Backgroundcil),

  3. ProCreate to create my coloring sheets

    ❀ Events

    1. Weekday streams at on my Twitch channel.

    2. Weekly Youtube tutorials posted each Tuesday.

    3. Daily Instagram posts

    4. Download and print a new coloring sheet each Monday!

    5. Weekly Art Club themes with Brittany’s Art Vibes Community on my Discord.

    6. BiWeekly Draw along event with the Brittany’s Art Vibes Community on my Discord.

❀ Commissions are


❀ Background

BA in Art Education
BA in Art Studio
Taught Elementary Art for 4 years
Full Time artist for 10 months! Thanks to the support from patrons like you. ♥ Thank you ♥